GreatNonProfits 2009 Green Choice Winner!

GreatNonProfits 2009 Green Choice Winner!
Green Choice Winner 2009

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn Bliss

Cool nights
School days
Preparing for the winter rains
These are fond memories of fall in San Francisco and in Koshland Garden.
The kids are working hard in the garden, planting broccoli, lettuce and chard - thanks to the generousity of Green Gulch Farms.
The first rain came and the garden SANG with joy. The smell of the first rain is beautiful in itself, but beyond that it is a cleansing after so many days of dryness. The sunflowers have mostly bloomed and now we are saving their seeds to plant next year. Tomatoes are still producing even as the days get shorter.
I would like to throw out a huge THANKS to all the amazing volunteers from last weekend. We accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I was very proud and Koshland Park is shining with beauty as always. Hands-On Bay Area did a great job working along side some students from the International High School. Also, thanks to Bob, Laurie, Barbara and Nick for your dedication.
Thank too, to the crew at John Muir lead by the amazing Richard Johnson. The JOhn Muir School garden is all ready for winter too with a brand new layer of mulch. What a delight it will be to bring the students in next week to garden. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We are looking for a band to play at our second annual Halloween Event. Sure to be a good time once we have some to play some good ole music. S'mores and dancing. 6pm. Ye Haw!
Next Saturday Work Day is November 11, 2006. Roll up your sleeves for lots of mulch laying and some digging in a few more plants.
Happy Autumn, Rebecca

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