GreatNonProfits 2009 Green Choice Winner!

GreatNonProfits 2009 Green Choice Winner!
Green Choice Winner 2009

Monday, July 10, 2006

From City Girls to Farm Girls (for a week:)

We were so fortunate to spend the last week of June at The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
The OAEC is a small organic farm as well as a nonprofit organizing and educational center. They have been offering this School Garden Training for several years as well as many other wonderful, comprehensive workshops. The workshops range from Woodshop for Women to Landscape Painting to frequent Permaculture Design courses. Many of the folks that live and work out there have become experts in their area of interest and were so kind and forthcoming in the sharing of their skills and experiences. We spent the week learning organic gardening practices, attending seminars focusing on school garden projects and site development and a little hands-on construction (our favorite part!). Not only were we blessed to learn from such amazing people; we also ate the BEST food ever!Q!! We were fed breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by some of the most creative and delightful chefs around. My mouth still salivates when I think about some of the food we ate:) All in all, it was a spectacular, extremetly insightful journey to the countryside--and it was quite refreshing to feel like a "farmer" for a week!!
**Please click HERE to view our other pictures from our trip!!**

Our friend, Suzi, so beauifully showing off our home for the week! (AKA: Yurt) There were 8 of us sleeping in bunkbeds--it felt a little bit like camp:)
One afternoon we visited a local school garden and prepared lunch using "kid-friendly" recipes that we could then take back to share with our children. We also made the first layer of a cobb bench for the garden's learning circle. Cobb consists of a perfect ratio of sand, clay, straw and water. When sculpted and dried it can serve as an all natural concrete! This was super fun--and was quite a workout!
We worked and learned with some amazing folks from all over the state! It was so special to spend the week with such an open and enthusiastic group of teachers, parents and volunteers!
Many of you may not know this, but I LOVE bees!!! I am utterly fascinated by their behavior and the role they play in nature! So, this picture is very special to me and a perfect image of the magic that is throughout the OAEC. We recommend anyone and everyone to get up there even if it is just for the volunteer day on Wednesdays--you will fall in love as well!

Today was the first day of our two week, Let Us Grow! Summer Program. It was a big hit and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. The quote of the day: "My new favorite food is Kale!!!" ~8 year old girl:)
The camp will run from 10 am to 2pm, Monday thru Friday, this week and next week!! Feel free to stop by!!

SEED TO MOUTH Cooking Classes
Come join us for our 2nd Cooking Class THIS Wednesday (July 12th) in the HV South Community Room (403 Rose St., across the street from the Park)
This weeks meun is APPETIZERS and homemade salsas..YUMMMMM!
Hope to see you soon,
peace & love,

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