GreatNonProfits 2009 Green Choice Winner!

GreatNonProfits 2009 Green Choice Winner!
Green Choice Winner 2009

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Super Amazing No Drip Rapid Reel

Suzi and Rebecca with Koshland Garden's brand new watering reel.

Very proud and happy after spending half of Friday assembling our brand spanking new, heavy-duty, no drip, all-amazing Rapid Reel. Watering the garden will be a breeze with this baby. The days of water spraying and dodging water puddles are in the past. Please be kind to our new addition and treat Rapid Reel with nothing but respect. ~ Rebecca

1 comment:

Jesse said...

You two are too cute with your super amazing new garden toy! It lights me up to feel your enthusiasm for what you do come through the pages of this blog. Thanks so much for sharing your passion with all of us in the community. My tomatoes feel it also!

much love, jesse